Oooohhh, shiny!

By Mir
September 11, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m not a huge jewelry person—really, I’m not (my favorite earrings in the world are these ones because they make me laugh, and I couldn’t even bring myself to buy them for myself, but asked for them for Christmas one year)—but I do find myself charmed by unusual gemstones.

I may have actually uttered, “Oooooh!” when I saw today’s Deal of the Day at Szul; it’s a mystic topaz pendant surrounded by diamonds on an 18″ necklace. That stone is lovely. Now, I have no idea what such a thing normally costs, but according to their website, their normal sale price is $249 and today it’s just $57 with free shipping.

They could be exaggerating, of course. Seems like a decent deal, though, and I seriously think that stone is trying to hypnotize me.

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  1. I’m just terribly amused that they are advertising the mystic topaz as “All Natural”, when there is no such thing. (Mystic topaz is regular topaz covered with a film and treated to be all hypnotic.) Not that it is any less pretty…

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