Cheap glasses just went BOGO

By Mir
September 20, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember back when I ordered a bunch of glasses from Zenni Optical just to see if it was true that cheap glasses from the Internet would really be decent? And I concluded that they were?

Well, the deals just got even better, because right now Zenni is offering a BOGO deal—spend at least $12.95 on a pair of glasses, and you can get a second pair of equal or lesser value for free. I have no idea how they can afford to do this. I’m sort of picturing a Wonka-esque factory staffed by Oompa-Loompas, frankly, but whatever. If you need some cheap back-up glasses or have a kid (or two) who need spares, this is your deal.

One caveat: They do ship very slowly, so this isn’t the deal for you if you’re in a hurry; but when you’re talking about paying $7 for a complete pair of glasses, really, it’s hard to complain.


  1. Wheeee! I need glasses! Since mine are 19+ years old. Yeah, I *really* need new glasses.

  2. SWEET. I’ve been putting off getting new glasses forever. I think this is the motivation I need.

  3. FANTASTIC. I bought two pair about three years ago, and I’m ready for a change.

  4. Hmmm… they have some very cool glasses. I was all excited, and I know it clearly says “lens upgrades are extra,” but basically if you need anything special (like progressives), the frame is free but the lenses are not discounted. Trying to decide how much I love the 2nd pair…

  5. Just ordered! Crossing my fingers …. but they have to be better than the hubs’ current glasses and they are less than half the price … and his old ones are from Costco, so they were half the price of the ones we get from the regular eye doctor. I nearly did backflips when the online chat lady told me they polish the edges for FREE!!

    Thanks for the HOT TIP!

  6. Wahhhhhh I waited too long and it is over (Sep 24th was last day).

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