Cheese it, it’s the (LEGO) cops!

By Mir
October 10, 2012

I’m starting to think about Christmas. I know. There will be some grab-’em-quick crazy LEGO deals in December, I know, but I always try to start early and find a few decent deals on the things I know my LEGO-crazy kiddo is going to want.

It appears that today is an excellent day for police-themed LEGO sets at Amazon. I don’t know why, but I’m just going to go with it. (Note: None of these are rock-bottom, but they’re good discounts if you see something you know your kid is dying to have.) Check these out:
City Police Dog Van 4441 for $23.20 (34% off)
Mobile Police Unit 7288 for $30.40 (32% off)
City Police Heavy Lift Helicopter 4439 for $36 (28% off)
Police Prisoner Transport 7286 for $15.63 (22% off)

Anyway, just sharing the LEGO love. Just in case you, too, occasionally open the silverware drawer and find a couple of minifigs.


  1. You are very beuatiful!
    keep your eyes peeled for christmas on those wii u’s
    too, whatever they are,,,,my son has his eye on whatever is new and

  2. My girl surely needs these right? Her mom is a district attorney and our house is constantly filled with cops wanting their search warrants reviewed. Now they can keep her occupied! PERFECT.

  3. Oh noes, da FUZZ!

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