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By Mir
October 10, 2012

It’s been a while since I waxed devotional about Lands’ End, but today’s featured sale is going to force me to do so. First, the sale: Go shop and ignore the coupon code on the site; instead, use code FOOTPRINT with PIN 1040 for 40% off shoes and free shipping on any size order. Also, it claims that it only works on regular-price items, but I got it to work on a sale pair, so do with that information what you will.

Second, the love: Stores like Lands’ End that do a fuss-free guarantee win my perpetual admiration. I bought my husband a new pair of all-weather mocs last year and the outer sole started coming apart on one of them about a month ago. He asked me to buy him another pair and I reminded him that Lands’ End would replace them for free (I don’t expect shoes to last forever, but a year is not long enough). Indeed, they shipped him out a new pair before he even dropped off the old ones at Sears to return. In short: I love them, the end. One of my favorite companies.


  1. Great code! I got a pair of $200 boots for $64. For shoes that are on sale, you have to click “remove” the promotional code in step 3 of check-out, then enter the new promotional code. Otherwise it only gives you free shipping. Land’s End is fabulous.

  2. I just wish that unconditional guarantee would apply to lunchboxes lost at school….

  3. Many thanks from my daughter who just got saved from another winter of wearing her brothers hand me down snow boots.

  4. YAY! Thanks for the code! Cute boots for little $$. I love you! You’re pretty!

  5. Squee! Just got my oldest the fancier boots – and will be able to pass those down to my youngest! You’re so pretty.

  6. I got a couple pairs that weren’t on sale, but I still had to delete the promo and then re-add it back on. If it doesn’t show, try that.

    Thanks, Mir! This is my 7th winter in the Frigid Northlands (otherwise known as Northern Minnesota), and I am just now buying real winter boots. Believe me, they are greatly needed! (And I hear that this winter is going to be pretty bad for snow and cold, which kinda sucks after such an abnormally hot and humid summer. I want a temperate summer and then I won’t care how cold it gets in the winter! But the hotter it is in the summer? The warmer it’d better be that winter after to make up for it. ;~)

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