Today just got Wootier

By Mir
October 23, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have no idea how I nearly missed that there was a Woot-Off going on today, but thank goodness I finally figured it out. There’s deals rotating around on Woot, Home.Woot, Kids.Woot, Sport.Woot, and—last, but not least—Wine.Woot (which is only wine about half the time, and other edibles or serveware, the rest).

If you’re new to this setup, the deal is that products will rotate through, each lasting until they sell out or about 30 minutes—whichever happens first. I have yet to see a product last 30 minutes, though, but there’s a first time for everything. And don’t forget that the deal is now that you pay $5 for shipping on any Woot site for an entire day of orders, no matter how much you buy. That works out to some real savings on Woot-Off days.

1 Comment

  1. You make me laugh. Every time you mention wine.woot you remind us that it’s wine only half the time.

    Oh Mir.

    Wine is good. Wine is to be celebrated! Wine is worthy of our affection 100% of the time!

    (That being said, I HAVE indulged in some delicious coffee and imported tea from wine.woot…)

    Ha! Thanks for the heads up!

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