Holiday cards, done

By Mir
November 14, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am referring, of course, to your holiday cards. I haven’t done holiday cards in years; our loved ones probably think we’re all dead. Or that I’m tremendously lazy. (One of those things is probably true.)

But if you want cards, or a nice personalized stationery gift for someone, get on over to Expressionery today, because you can use coupon code HOLIDAY2012 for 20% off and free shipping. They have everything you could possibly want on paper—cards, labels, memo pads, and more—plus they even offer personalized plates. Very cool if you have a hard-to-shop-for person on your list, particularly if they have an unusual name.

(Personalized gifts were always my favorite when I was a kid. All of those racks of license plates and personalized barrettes at the mall never had Miriam as an option!)

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  1. About to have a granddaughter named Miriam – Until your column I had to day that I never knew anyone named Miriam; but I sort of know you and I like you so WOOHOO Miriam.

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