Just a reminder for next week

By Mir
November 16, 2012

My pretties, I don’t know that I’ve told you lately how ravishing you are looking. Your hair is so shiny and I love those shoes.

If you’re a regular ’round here, you know that it’s been kind of a bumpy year for my family. There have been long periods of silence here while we did crisis management, and even since things have “normalized” somewhat, my work time has been cut back quite a bit, and so things haven’t been quite the way they used to be. Throughout it all, I can say with all sincerity that you folks, my regular readers, have been unflaggingly kind and supportive and have really made me feel lucky to know you.

So I know the days of weekly contests kind of fell by the wayside in all of this, but—despite everything else going on—I knew that the week of Thanksgiving (next week!) we absolutely had to have another Big Prize Week. So consider this your heads up that 1) you are all awesome and 2) there will be a fantastic prize every single weekday next week, culminating in a little somethin’ special for Friday that I bought with my own money because I love y’all. As with the Big Prize Weeks of years past, each contest will launch in the morning and end that evening, so make sure you’re checking in every day for your chance to win.

And thank you. I wish I could send every single one of you a puppy.


  1. you rock for even continuing to care about us while you’ve been dealing with everything that you have. i’m just happy that you’re still here and haven’t thrown in the towel. so, thank YOU. 🙂

  2. Is this where we comment for the puppy? (Kidding). You are awesome, Mir. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  3. Thank YOU! And I wish you could send me a puppy, too.

  4. I’m a terrible person, but I don’t want a puppy. I have five crazy kids, and until all of them are old enough not to destroy the house while I am daring to have a bathroom break, I can’t possibly take on another (adorable) mess-maker.

    Now, if you want to give me a pony…just kidding. I just want you to have a very, very good Christmas season and the bestest 2013 ever.

  5. I WANT A PUPPY!!!! But after we move. Rain check?

  6. No, I don’t want a puppy, but I’ll keep you, thanks!

  7. Can’t wait! I second what Liv says. I love this blog.

  8. You’re super, Mir!

  9. Yay Mir – I am so thankful for you! You are so pretty!

  10. Yay! Prizes! It will be a bright spot each day in between stressing about turkey and deviled eggs and all the shopping I’m not doing (OMG how is is almost December?!).

  11. After the year you’ve had, I feel like we should give you a prize.

  12. A) You are awesome, and radio silence while you take care of yourself or your family doesn’t change that.

    B) I don’t want a puppy, but I’ll take a kitty. Could you take care of her until I can move next August to an apartment or house that will allow me to have her? (If we can choose flavor, can I get a Siamese, too?) ;~) I’m really not picky, you know.

    (I just know what I like.)

  13. I just introduced my sister to your site and was wondering how things were. Thanks for keeping us updated, along with everything else you do!

  14. We love you too, Mir! Thanks for all you do.

    P.S. You’re very pretty!

  15. Looking forward to prize chances next week, but my cat says NO PUPPY. she says it would take away lap warming time for her. Thanks for all the heads up on great deals for us!

  16. Could I have a kitten instead? Thank you Totally Awesome Mir.

  17. No puppy, no kitten, no more kids. But any other prize would be happily considered.

  18. Dear Mir

    What a year! You are so pretty and look over there… Something shiny!

    May I just keep admiring YOUR puppy?


  19. you’re pretty and you rock. see you next week.

  20. Aw, I don’t need a puppy, my sweet Rosie would not approve. 😉

  21. Aw Mir we are lucky to have you. Keep on keeping on pretty Mir.

  22. Can’t wait! Can you believe 2012 is finally almost over??? Here’s to an awesome 2013!

  23. Keep the puppy…I’ll send you mine.

  24. My kids want a puppy. I don’t. My husband wants a puppy. I don’t. Mir, I love, love your blog…contests or not…still my favorite. But if you give away a puppy, I will just have to pretend like I didn’t see it. 🙂

  25. You don’t owe us a thing, Mir. You are in my thoughts often!

  26. YOU are the best gift, Mir.

    Any Mir-fans in Indiana? I just took in a homeless cat… and she’s preggers. Kittens for everyone!

  27. We are thankful for what you were able to do! (baby #2 is almost six weeks old so i’m under a rock anyway…)

  28. Love puppies! Sadly, I’m so allergic I’ll have to pass, but thanks.

    Hope things have gotten better for you! I have had years like that, where you’re just like what shoe is dropping NOW and how many freaking shoes are there left to drop??

    You are awesome and I wish you the best in whatever is going on in your life.

  29. On top of lots of laughs, you have provided my household some serious savings even in the midst of your really rough year. So keep up the good work and know that we all really appreciate you. And I will still be saying that even if I don’t win a prize next week.

  30. I hope that 2013, despite the unlucky connotation of the number, is a wonderful year for you and your family. Maybe even just a boring, no drama or crisis year would be enough to ask for?
    I’m looking forward to that puppy, though. 😉

  31. Echoing all of the comments above, Mir. Your humor and grace throughout all of this year’s events has been inspirational.

  32. Mir, I’ve been keeping your family in my prayers.

  33. No more puppies, but a pony! I could do a pony. Or a really good deal on electric toothbrushes. You know, whatever.

  34. Pick me! Pick me! I want a prize…. What? Too soon? Oh, next week. Oookay. I can wait – honest I can.

    You are seriously awesome, Mir. We love you a lot, even though you repeatedly neglect us. Just kidding! I think. 🙂

  35. Oh man, I actually do want a puppy! 🙂 Seriously though, thank you for all your hard work and I’ve been praying for you guys. Thankfully this year is almost over and praying 2013 is YOUR year. In a good way. 🙂 I have loved following this site.

  36. I am collecting Little Pet Shop puppies. I don’t know what it is, but those little guys just crack me up. I want them all. 😉

  37. Could I trade the puppy for two kittens?

  38. I have a feeling that 2013 holds great, great things for you and your family, Mir! And no matter what, lots of people love you all the time.

    And you’re pretty, too.

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