Lands’ End again? Yup.

By Mir
November 20, 2012

We’re kind of getting to the point here where there are so many sales, already, I’m beginning to wonder if Friday is going to be a heretofore unknown carnival of ridiculous discounts or if it will just be a monumental letdown. Because at this point, I’m thinking it could go either way.

But while we wait to find out, here’s a Lands’ End discount for you: use coupon code AIRCORE with PIN 1244 for 30% off your order and free shipping. Friday may bring some goodies, too, but in the meantime, I’m sure I can put this one to use….


  1. A super sale on a few sorely needed things FOR ME – mmmmmwah. Thanks!

  2. Oh, thanks for this; it comes at just the right time. I know I have an extra set of queen sheets somewhere, but I couldn’t find them during my kids’ barf-o-rama this past weekend, in which one “event” occurred in MY bed. I’m sure the extra set will turn up (likely in my crammed gift closet), but it can’t hurt to have one more set.

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