I… don’t understand

By Mir
November 27, 2012

To be filed under: No, Really?

Today at Tanga you can apparently buy your very own set of 24kt gold-plated playing cards. Because… uhhhhh… yeah, I got nothin’. They’re listed as the “perfect gift for the person who has everything.” Well, now, if they had everything, wouldn’t they already have these…?

I’m not positive, but this may be what’s wrong with America.


  1. Goes along with the, “Drink till you want me” shirt. Don’t ya think?? 😉

  2. +1 to Sarah!

  3. Well, it’s a good price at least. Although I couldn’t see anyone ever wanting to play cards with them.

  4. LOL, at least you get free returns?

  5. I gotta admit, I’m tempted. A little bit. See, my bridge group is the non-traditional kind with lots of laughter, no scorekeeping, and a fair amount of wine drinking given that it’s held on a weeknight. No one would really buy them to be serious, right? No one would play with them, for sure. But wouldn’t it be a great joke? Just not sure if it’s $22 worth of great joke.

  6. I am telling you I am highly entertained by some of the lightning deals and imagining who the heck is buying this stuff…like a pistol cleaning kit – really? You can buy that on Amazon?? But hey, I was baffled by all the folks at disney world walking around eating a huge gigantic turkey leg, so maybe I just don’t have any taste….

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