Stuff your stocking with Kirby

By Mir
November 28, 2012

Looking for a fun Nintendo DS game for someone’s stocking? Right now has Kirby Mass Attack available for just $9.99 with free shipping. (For comparison: The direct price from Amazon is $26 (!!), with their cheapest option being around $13.)

Not a huge discount, but a good deal, especially considering that 1) the reviews are great and 2) it’s Kirby, man. Kirby is adorable. (Note: Children do not find it amusing when you talk to Kirby in a baby voice. Apparently that’s insulting. Well excuuuuuuse me.)


  1. Thanks, Mir. My 5YO just got a DS for his birthday a couple of weeks ago, and he’s frustrated to no end by Mario. Hopefully Kirby won’t be too tough. You totally helped Santa on this one : )

  2. Thanks so much, Mir. we have a DS, but the kids keep losing their games. i know i shouldn’t buy them any more, but I’m a sucker. Glad to find a good game cheap!

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