We wish you a merry platypus

By Mir
December 3, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

My dog pretty much believes toys are for destroying, but when my parents got their new dog last year, she had one of these Kyjen Puzzle Plush Platypus toys and it was hilarious. The squeaky eggs fit inside, and if your dog isn’t a callous murderer like mine, she’ll root around in there to retrieve them.

Right now Amazon has it for just $5.93 shipped with Prime, their lowest price ever. In fact, at that price, I may just get one and let Licorice rip it up. Poor platypus.


  1. Thanks! We have something similar to this and our pug *loves* it! Now he will have a platypus, too! And we can say “platypus” all the time 😀

  2. We have one of those! It’s gutted! And I hid the squeaky balls!!! We call it Perry, after Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb.

  3. ha! I got one of those for my brother’s boston terrier a few years ago, he sent me a photo after about a month the poor thing was a flat rag. Dog had SO much fun with it, now my brother and SIL have a steady supply of this toy (and ones like it) ready for the gutting.

  4. I just ordered the Ginormous hide-a-squirrel one. We’ll see how long it lasts! I’d never seen these types of toys. Thanks for the heads up, Mir!

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