Deck the halls with lots of Beyblades

By Mir
December 8, 2012

The good news, if you have a kid who loves Beyblades, is that all of these are quite cheap at Amazon right now. The bad news is that all but one of them are Add-On Items, which means you need to spend $25+ in order to get free shipping even if you have Prime. (But did you know you can meet the threshold by buying only Add-Ons? It’s true! You could just buy $25 worth of Beyblades, if you wanted.)

Me, just now, to my kid: “Are these really usually $12 or more apiece? They’re tops, right?”
My kid: “They’re special tops, Mom.”

Okay then. Here you go:
Beyblade Phantom Orion for $3.60 (70% off)
Beyblade Scythe Kronos for $3.99 (67% off)
Beyblade Toxic Stinger Scorpio for $4.40 (69% off)
Beyblade Spiral Lyre for $4.40 (63% off)
Beyblade Shadow Fortune Zurafa for $5.38 (62% off) (this one is not an Add-On)

But between you and me? I still think these are just tops.


  1. They are pretty fun. Even my adult siblings will play them happily with our kids but don’t cheap out…get a stadium it makes it more fun.

  2. thanks, mir! i am hoping Santa hops on this one, bec beyblades are about the only thing on my little guy’s list and I’m certainly not spending money on TOPS!!!!

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