Stocking stuffers galore at One Kings Lane

By Mir
December 8, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s an entire boutique filled with “witty stocking stuffers” over at One King’s Lane, today, and the good news is that if you’ve never signed up with them, they’re still offering a $15 credit for registering! (If you have signed up with them before… ummm… maybe if you had another email address you might sign up again because you, y’know, forgot about your other account.)

I have a real love/hate relationship with them; on the one hand, I find a lot of their stuff so overpriced even at a “discount” it’s laughable; on the other hand, their cheaper items tend to be good deals, and I’ve loved absolutely everything I ever ordered from them. Do with that information what you will.


  1. Generally the affordable nothings I like to put in stockings are not at this price point, but I still have a Yankee Swap gift to find.

  2. Well, I found exactly (!) what I wanted, which with the $15 discount would have made my $29 item $14, and even with $6.95 shipping that wasn’t too bad. BUT they have a $30 shopping cart minimum before the $15 credit applies. And, they only keep the item in your cart for 10 minutes. So, I went searching for something small and cheap (ha ha ha). Meanwhile, my 10 minutes were up, and “another member” put my item in their cart. So, I found a $5 pitcher, but ran out of time on the pitcher while I waited for the teapot to escape from the other cart. This is one of the “all’s well that ends well” situations, because due to dogged persistence in the face of adversity I got both my teapot and my pitcher for $25 shipped. But still. This was a mild form of online shopping torture.

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