Stock up for next year at Claire’s

By Mir
December 27, 2012

I’ve been to Claire’s at the mall only a handful of times since adulthood—once, to get my daughter’s ears pierced, and a couple of other times when she dragged me in there. It’s loud and neon-colored and swarming with tweens. Not my favorite place. But it’s pretty much teen-girl-crack, yes?

Now you can shop them online and never have to step foot in there, or let someone who’s not old enough to drive shoot jewelry into your kid’s head. (Kidding! I’m sure the girl who pierced my kid was at least… 18. Hang on, I have to go lie down.) Right now they’re having a huge holiday clearance, so your little stocking stuffers and miscellaneous gifts for next Christmas are easy to knock out. Holiday socks! Themed earrings! Hair baubles! Even little purses and journals and a slew of other teen-pleasing items. I mean, did you know that a “blinged-out Rudolph mask” existed? Me neither. And they have an entire “cold weather” section, too—hats, gloves, etc.

Shipping is free on $45+, which would be very simple to reach if you’re stocking up.


  1. It is little girl crack as well. I took my 7 year old to get her ears pierced there a few months ago and now it is one of her fave stores. Oh well–I’m off to check the sale! Thanks Mir!

  2. Shoprunner FTW!

  3. I will never shop at Claire’s again…one day we were there and my thankfully non-reading yet daughter brought me a necklace she liked that said “you suck”. Then, there was the little glass vial necklaces with razor blades inside for cutters. Um, no.

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