Two for one on giggle-worthy shirts

By Mir
January 16, 2013

If you have teens, or if you can just appreciate a snarky t-shirt, surely you’re already well-acquainted with LOLShirts. Today you can shop any of the regular-price shirts—which are only $12.99 to begin with; hardly expensive—and use coupon code DOUBLETROUBLE to get 2-for-1 pricing. Buy two shirts, pay for just one. Buy four shirts, pay for two. Etc.

I’m thinking the “I survived the Mayan Apocalypse” shirts maybe need to get in my cart.


  1. “Only trust people who like big butts- they cannot lie.” Ha! Love. It.

    The one that made me literally laugh out loud was “I’m ashamed of what I did for a klondike bar.”

    That’s pure awesome right there. The question is, is it appropriate for me to wear those at my kids school?

    How did I not know about these shirts before? Thanks, Mir!

  2. I wasn’t even thinking of the kids….. I was wondering if it was appropriate for me to wear them to parent-teacher conferences…..

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