Black Friday on this chilly Saturday

By Mir
January 26, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you’re in the market for electronics, for some reason Best Buy is doing a “Winter Doorbusters Day” event today that includes Black Friday-esque pricing on various goodies.

So sure, yes, you can get a cheap Windows laptop or big TV, but please allow me to direct your attention to the best deal in the bunch: $200 off MacBook Airs. That means the base model 11.6″ is just $800 brand spankin’ new! (Though I do notice that one is already out of stock for shipping—you can add it to your cart and check to see if you can pick it up at your local store.) If you’re a Mac type, this is a great deal on my favorite laptop ever. (My Air fits in an envelope in my purse and weighs next to nothing. His name is Flatso. True story!)


  1. I got one for $760 on a couple months ago. I have to warn your readers – it’s REALLY small. I didn’t think the difference between 13″ and 11.6″ would seem so huge, but it does. I’m thinking of selling this and getting a regular MacBook again.

  2. Geez, my eyes feel tired. I started out reading this as “If you’re in the market for entrails . . “

  3. Hi Mir,

    My own treasured version of Otto has just spent the whole morning attempting to fix some corrupted files that resulted from my accidentally DROPPING HIS CAMERA in a rush to get my niece on the toilet in time– but anyway, I broke his toy. He doesn’t have many toys. We had discussed a new camera for Christmas, but he wanted to wait for a specific model, and now it is released. Nikon D5200. The best price I saw was $800. Gulp. Does Otto have some magical source, or are cameras just this expensive? I’m doing math in my head: He had the one I broke for 10 years, he is such a good and kind man, a true rock, he puts up with my crazy family, he is willing to move across the country for a place better to raise kids than NYC, that I’m tempted just to order the thing for him while he is trying to get up the nerve to spend that much $$$. You just can’t put a price on a good man.

    But a total gold move would be to find it for less! Ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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