Easter (and everything else) shoes

By Mir
January 29, 2013

Can I just tell you how happy I am that I no longer have to find teeny white patent leather shoes every Easter? I used to hate that. Sure, they were cute, but they were also expensive and uncomfortable and ended up scuffed after a single wearing. Chalk that one up as part of having little kids that I don’t miss at all.

If you’re still in that stage, though, hop on over to 6pm.com today—their third splash-screen (you know how it rotates through the deals, right?) is for a 70%+ off sale on shoes, and if you sort by price, the first offerings are a few rows of kiddie dress-up kicks. Perfect for Easter or whatever. And then you can go ahead and buy something pretty for yourself, because hey, you knocked out this year’s Easter shoes in January, man! You deserve a treat!

Related: Is it wrong to admit that I wish they made some of those Laura Ashley ballet flats in grown-up sizes? Because holy cuteness.

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  1. guess i waited too long! Went to get those adorable brown dress flats for my youngest and only in one size left… nothing in her size but some awful sparkle thing. Sad.

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