Wackiness for less

By Mir
February 21, 2013

Tell me it’s not just me… those slippers that are animals that pop up while you walk are kind of terrifying, yes? The commercials scare me. But both of my kids (teens, no less) think they’re awesome.

Well, I can tell you that there is no slipper on the planet that’s $35 worth of awesome to me. But with Wacky Walkers (a knock-off of the As Seen On TV brand, I think) just $10 shipped today at Tanga, I could probably get over my phobia and grab a pair or two.

If you’ve never seen these before, prepare to be disturbed. You’re welcome.


  1. Oh man, my 6yo wants these…but I’m just not sure it’s even worth $10…

  2. My 4 yo desperately wants these…I think I might splurge and get them for his Easter basket. I like non-candy options that take up lots of room (i.e. less room for candy). I agree with you though – disturbing!

  3. My 5YO has been begging for the cyclops one… sadly (or luckily, depending on your perspective), Tanga doesn’t have a generic version. Thanks, though, Mir!

    By the way, have you figured out any way around the new S&S rules on Amazon? I have Pull-ups and a few other items shipped monthly. But if I want more, or want them sooner, I have to pay more. When I snag deals from you, I have to wait until my ship date. I know Amazon loses money on my Prime subscription, as I order A LOT, so I should perhaps just shut up already. But it’s AGGravating! (<– to be read in a very annoying, whiny voice!)

  4. I couldn’t get to Tanga via the link in the post. 🙁

  5. Mandy, I feel you on that. I went to order something via Amazon’s S&S and it wouldn’t ship until mid-March. I actually needed it sooner (not 2-days kind of soon, but maybe like a week or two), so I sucked it up and paid the regular (well, regular Amazon) price for it. I have Prime, too, so it helps quite a bit.

    They do say that if you need it sooner, you can click on the “Need more right away” (or something like that) within the subscription (after you’ve “subscribed” and on the Your S&S page) to get it shipped right away. I read that in the FAQ or something about the S&S once-a-month-shipment stuff that if you needed the first one sooner, you could click that button to get it shipped immediately.

  6. Instead of the official jingle for the expensive one, we like to sing “Zom, zom, zom, ZOMBIES!” We amuse ourselves easily.

  7. Thanks Mir!
    Perfect for my teenager! turning 16 and still really a kiddo.
    the site was fun too.

  8. My son got a pair from someone for Christmas. These things really suck. In order for them to work he has to go into the kitchen and stomp really hard or go out onto the sidewalk. They won’t work on the carpeted areas at all. Not sure if it is just ours but thought I’d give a little review.

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