Nostalgia, for under $10

By Mir
March 13, 2013

Everyone know that the Easy Bake Oven is just a big plastic box with a lightbulb inside of it. That does not, somehow, take away from the excitement of making a tiny cake. But if you really want to make your little baker happy—plus have something you can play with, yourself, without anyone thinking anything of it—hop on over to Best Buy today and snag a discounted Nostalgia Electrics kit. For some reason, they’ve got these all marked down to just $9.99 with free shipping, which is less than half of what they usually go for. And instead of the plastic hunk with a lightbulb, you can go for wee little donuts or cake balls or snacks on a stick or tiny cupcakes or little pretzels!

It’s possible I’m a little too excited about this. I’m okay with that.

These will sell out quickly, but if you’re in the market for miniature baking, this is definitely the price to beat.


  1. love these. i recently went on the hunt for vintage lite brites for the kids. yes, they’re for the kids.

  2. Perfect for the gift closet! Thank you!

  3. omg you are already making next xmas easier! that cake pop maker will be perfect for my 10-year-old. thank you for the tip!

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