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By Mir
March 22, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today at Groupon you can snag a deal that will get your heart pumping a little faster, and leave your wallet only half as unhappy as usual—you can snag a $10 Starbucks gift card for just $5!

Listen, I work from home and make my own coffee, mostly. But every now and then when I’m out and about I want something fancy with whipped cream on it. This is not a crime. Paying $5 for a tiny cup of said fancy coffee is, though. So grab this deal and feel fancy, without overspending.

Just note that this is an egift card that you print out from your computer—this is not the Groupon to get if you want a gift for someone. (Although… I’m guessing you could probably print it out and take it to the store and buy a plastic card, if you really wanted to.) (But really, you deserve a fussy coffee, yourself. Use it for you.)


  1. For those of us in big cities (NYC) that use Starbucks accounts on a mobile device to pay for our daily caffeine fix, you can buy this Groupon and transfer it directly to your Starbucks account in a few clicks.

  2. …in other words, no printing or toting around a slip of paper. I suppose this works if you have a Starbucks drinking college kid in a big city as well. Refill their account as a little surprise pick me up!

  3. done & thanks

  4. Thanks!

  5. It’s also great to have friends who don’t drink Starbucks but are willing to buy these for you!

  6. sent to my PNW-native best friend who is stuck on an army base in nowhere Oklahoma. I’m a huge coffee snob and really don’t like Starbucks’ quality, but she made me realize that sometimes it’s that consistency and familiarity that is truly worth it. Starbucks are the same the world over!

  7. I used to be like “Five dollars for a cup of coffee! (not really, I buy tea, it’s like 3.00. Still.) That’s nuts!” Then I had kids, and on the rare occasion that they fall asleep in the car you know that I am Not. Stopping until they wake up on their own. I know all of the Starbucks drive throughs in my metro area. Thanks, Mir! Mommy sanity is preeecccious.

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