In case you need some retail therapy

By Mir
April 16, 2013

I don’t know about you, but my heart really isn’t in deal-finding, today. It feels like horrible news just keeps coming in, and mostly I would like to go back to bed (preferably with my fingers stuck in my ears).

But I know we all cope in different ways, so if a bargain fix is going to make your day easier, here you go: 6pm is having a big tax day event (for several days; I know it’s not tax day anymore) with hundreds of items priced under $50. If that’s a welcome distraction, go shop.

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  1. Focus less on those who committed it, and more on those who are helping mitigate it. Think of all the people who ran *toward* the sites, trying to help. On the paramedics, police, and hospital personnel who dedicate their lives to making our lives better and safer.

    The haters always hate, but there are also always people who care – care enough to put themselves on the line.

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