Hit the 12/12 sale

By Mir
December 12, 2013

Everybody’s favorite, 6pm.com, is having a 12/12 sale. (No, not as cool as last year when it was a 12/12/12 sale, but I guess we can’t expect them to modify the year for us, just the prices.) Check out items priced at $12, $24, or $48 for today only. I’m seeing savings of 90% on some items!

As always, the good stuff will sell out quickly, so shop early if you’re shopping. There’s still time for delivery by Christmas, too.

[Edited to add: A few good deals I’ve seen include High Sierra Fat Boy backpacks (now $12; I paid $25 on sale for my kids’ ones—they are big with lots of pockets), magnetic nail polish gift sets, and Sara’s Prints Christmas jammies for the kids.]

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