I’m just wondering

By Mir
December 12, 2013

So, just out of curiosity, how blasphemous would it be, exactly, to buy this Playmobil Santa’s House and set it up right next to our Playmobil nativity this season?

Does your answer change if I mention that the current $25.64 price is as low as it’s ever gone?

How about if I admit that our dog is constantly trying to eat the baby Jesus, and finds him the tenderest morsel in the entire set?

I’m, uh, asking for a friend.


  1. I. Want. This. It would look perfect next to my Playmobil nativity!

  2. It’s sacrilege, I tell you! 🙂

  3. Sooooooon tempted to get this for the baby due on jan 10–but hanging into a toy for 3 years is probably too ridiculous even for me…

  4. I have been wanting one of these!!! thanks! I also want the nativity but haven’t scored a deal on it,,,, if you spy one, send it my way! THANKS gorgeous!

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