13 hours of Christmas tunes for $.99

By Mir
December 19, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, where am I? Barely here, that’s for sure. Sorry about that, but ’tis the season for the extended dance remix of family crises, right? Right. I’ll be back when I can.

In the meantime, here’s a little something for you that you can snag with the change in your couch cushions: Amazon has this Bach Guild Big Christmas Box of tunes for just $.99 right now. It has 280 tracks and should be the last batch of Christmas music you ever need, unless you listen to nothing but Christmas music all day long, every day, every season. Not that I would judge if that was your thing.

I’m going to stop talking now. I get a little chatty when I haven’t slept much. Anyway. Music! Cheap! Christmas! Yay!


  1. thanks lovely, miss you!

  2. Find a quiet moment – close eyes – breathe – imagine the sound of waves gently lapping and seagulls calling. Know that you’re loved.

  3. Keeping you and yours in our prayers just in case it would help.

  4. Fantastic deal!

    Wishing your family well…

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