As long as you’re stuck inside…

By Mir
January 28, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… oh, you’re not stuck inside? I thought everyone was trapped like us today. Hostage to a dusting of snow! Please send help!! And eggs!

Oh, sorry about that. Just a little cabin fever. Ahem.

Anyway! If you’ve had your eye on something over at Vera Bradley, they’re offering automatic free shipping on every order, today only. There’s about a zillion (I may be exaggerating a little…) items in the Sale section, and especially if you’re looking at something small, skipping their normal shipping charge could save you a ton.

My only question is whether or not I can make Snow Day French Toast out of anything they’re selling.

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  1. Students have now had seven days off school already, with four of them COLD days and not actual snow days. This cold stuff needs to stop. (I’m kind of sick of -50 degree temps.) The universities up here actually closed for two whole days (yesterday and today) because it was so freaking cold, and they have never even closed two days for our blizzards before! Heck, the unis rarely close even a full day, choosing to instead close in the afternoon or to have students come in late the morning after a large snow storm.

    All that said, I don’t have cabin fever. I’m an adult, so I’m expected to go out and still be useful to society, because they assume I know how to keep my extremities from falling off. ;~) I really wish I had the chance, except that would mean a huge blizzard, so maybe…yeah, maybe not. Never mind!

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