Safety first on the road

By Mir
January 30, 2014

The Atlanta area is finally reopening late this morning. My Facebook feed is full of people driven crazy by being stuck at home with their kids. This must be the one good thing about having teenagers: I kind of enjoyed our forced time at home. Otherwise, I barely see them.

Anyway! If teens seem impossible to you, because you’re still in the diapering-and-nose-wiping stage of parenting, you might be interested to know that Amazon has a bunch of Evenflo car seats marked down right now. Get the Tribute in Gunther for $45.46 or the Tribute 5 for $48; both are convertible, 5-40 pounds seats which work facing both front and back. Alternatively, the Chase LX Booster for $48, which works from 22-110 pounds.

As always, have yourself a little laugh at the supposed original pricing. Really, Amazon? You had the Tribute 5 at $200? I don’t think so. And the booster isn’t even listed as being marked down, even though it’s their lowest price ever. Oooookay.


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