A shirt bonus to make you giggle

By Mir
February 13, 2014

(Hey, I have power! Let me type quickly, here….)

Okay so this is making me laugh really hard: Shirt.Woot has a deal going right now where any shirt purchase also gets you A.S.S.S.—A Stupid Small Shirt as a bonus in your order. As usual for Woot, their copy about the promotion is hilarious, and hey, who doesn’t want a free random shirt?

Do note that I find Woot shirts to run a little small; my 14-year-old son wears a men’s small and we recently had to retired a much beloved Woot shirt of his because he outgrew it. I’ll buy him mediums from Woot even though he still wears smalls, elsewhere. The bonus small shirt can go to his big (but smaller) sister, I guess. Figure a men’s small is (after washing) going to be equivalent to a Junior’s small or maybe a kids’ 12-14.

Today’s featured shirt (free shipping) has a bunch of palindromes on it. Nerdtastic!


  1. I splurged and bought three yesterday for my ten year old. We started buying them for him right after shirt.woot started when he was five. They get passed to his 8 year old brother and then put in a box. Eventually I will wrap them around wood frames and use as art work in their room. You’re right about sizing. My 8 year old wears 6/7s but woot 8s. My 10 year old wears 7s and a woot 10 is getting small on him. I ordered three size twelves to see how they fit. For a mom who doesn’t spend more than $8 an item for her kids (and that is for blue jeans) these shirts are a splurge but mercy they are always a hit and generally make it through both boys.

    Now, I’m just hoping the three random ones are actually clean, kid appropriate and something we’ll actually like. May the odds be in our favor.

  2. Awesome! Gracie is BIG into palindromes right now. (Also: it’s been a long time since I ordered off Woot – love their new amazon sign-in. So much easier!)

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