I’m a sucker for a pretty jar

By Mir
February 23, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, on the one hand I’ve never been a Pinterest-loving, everything-goes-great-in-a-mason-jar kind of person. On the other hand, I do use mason jars for various (fairly boring) things, and I’d admit that the new “retro” blue ones Ball has been touting lately are pretty. And you know I’m trying to use more glass and less plastic.

Right now Amazon has this Ball Jar Heritage Collection set of 6 Pint Jars with Lids and Bands for just $7.91 (free Prime shipping or Super Saver Shipping eligible), which is their lowest price ever. Perfect for everything from baubles on your dresser to filling with goodies for teachers to actual canning. You certainly don’t need them in blue, but at this price, why not?


  1. Just FYI, my Target has some cute lids for Mason jars in the dollar spot right now. They have two- one is a “flower frog” top, and the other is a daisy jelly lid that would be great for potpourri. They do fit regular Mason jars- I tried them out when I got home. 🙂

  2. Handy. I was pricing some mason jars over the holidays (the better to make office gifts full of cookie ingredients and such), and was surprised how expensive they were!

  3. Hi Mir, I know this is off topic but just a quick request for the next allure beauty box. When you get a heads up the next allure beauty box is about to go on sale would you put out the word. I ordered the last time (2 yrs ago I think) you put the word out, and it was the bomb! Loved it, looking forward to my next one. They don’y send consumers like me an e-mail advising the date so I rely on bloggers to tell me, and sometimes I miss it. Thank you for reading this.

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