If you love Dumbo…

By Mir
February 28, 2014

… I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with this deal, but I prefer not to look a gift horse elephant in the mouth.

Today’s 1 Day Deal at Meijer is the K’NEX Disney Parks Dumbo the Flying Elephant Building Set for $29.79 with free shipping. The Meijer site claims this is half off.

Being me, I went to go price check it, because sometimes their original price is off. (Mind you, under $30 for an over-1,000-piece motorized set sounded pretty good, but you never know.) Imagine my surprise to discover that this same set is currently going for around $100 at Amazon. Maybe it’s rare? No idea.

Regardless, if you’re a Disney fanatic, and/or a K’NEX fan, this is one deal you should grab before it’s gone.


  1. Perfection. We were just at Disney, my oldest son is getting in to building things and following instructions, and his birthday is next month!

  2. And the Christmas shopping begins! Thank you, Mir!!

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