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By Mir
March 18, 2014

… without spending too much.

It is what I fondly like to refer to as “it’s nearly Easter and the kids don’t have any dress shoes, darnitall” season. And given that my children’s feet grow at an astonishing pace and they wear those dress shoes once or twice before they no longer fit, I am reluctant to drop a lot of money.

So I head to Payless, usually. At least that way it doesn’t feel quite so wasteful. And right now—whether you need shoes for your kid or yourself—you can use coupon code 251419670 for 40% off one pair of shoes (and it works even on sale prices). Shipping is free on $35+, or ship your order to your local store for free and pick ’em up.

Hmmmmm. These shoes are a lot cuter than I remember. I don’t think my kids really need anything….


  1. Weird, I can’t get to their website…

  2. YES! Thank you! I feel much better about buying dress shoes my son will wear for exactly one hour

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