And a little Groupon bonus, too

By Mir
March 28, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t know if this is working for everyone, so please don’t be mad at me if it’s not, but: I wandered over to Groupon a few minutes ago and got a banner for $10 off my $25+ purchase, today only.

The coupon combines with any existing Groupon Bucks you have, too, so you can really score a bargain if you do it right. Or if you’re a crazy dog lady like me, you can snag these wee adorable pet stairs for your blind, arthritic dog for around $20, or completely free if you have credit (I did). I mean, it’s not that it’s not terribly entertaining to scoop up the dog and say, “Doggievator going UP!” every time he wants to get on the bed, but I think teaching him to climb his new stairs will be kind of fun, too.

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  1. Your dog stories make me happy. 🙂

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