A little weird, but…

By Mir
June 17, 2014

… apparently Amazon is having their Semi-Annual Bra and Panties Sale. And I know—I know—that no matter how much you shop for everything under the sun at Amazon, shopping there for bras may feel… weird.

But I’ve just gone through the sale and seen some incredible deals (think hard-to-find sizes, in particular—plus sizes, or tiny bands/larger cups, larger bands/tiny cups), plus it looks like all of these sale items fall under the free shipping/free returns dealio, which means you can try and return if they don’t work out.

Once I saw some of the prices on expensive brands (hello, Natori!) I got over the weirdness, is all I’m saying.


  1. At those prices I can handle a little wierdness. Thanks!

  2. Yeehaw — I was down to one bra, just waiting on a sale, and lookie here. You rock, Mir! The girls and I thank you!

  3. I’m one of those hard to find sizes (40G) and I hate underwire. I was able to find 3 without underwire in my size at great prices! Now I just hope they fit right. Pretty sure Glamorise is a top brand too. Thanks!

  4. I have totally gotten over the amazon-underwear-buying weirdness before. Their regular prices are actually really good sometimes, especially if you don’t care about having THIS! SEASONS! NEW! PATTERNS! I have an odd, hard to find size (small band, nursed-three-kids-in-seven-years cup) and between the searchable by size/brand, free Prime shipping and free returns? I’m hooked.

  5. Well, isn’t that convenient?! Next topic for discussion shall be winning lottery numbers…

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