The Want Not Review (and giveaway!): Misfit Shine

By Mir
June 23, 2014

misfit-shine-wineMy name is Mir, and I hate to exercise. That said, I’ve reached an age (ahem) where it’s no longer optional if I wish to remain healthy. So I exercise, and I’m sort of getting used to it, but I still don’t love it. I’d say that I just… hate it less than I used to. Which is progress.

I’d been on my new daily exercise regimen (I work out for half an hour a day, every day) for about 6 weeks when I went to Mom 2.0 and won myself a pretty, shiny Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor. Up until that point I had resisted the fitness tracker craze (my husband wears a Fitbit, but I think they’re kind of ugly), but this was so pretty. And free. And maybe this would help to motivate me in my quest to get healthier.

Keep reading for my full review, and also to enter to win your own Shine—I’m giving away the one pictured here!

Let’s start with the good stuff.

Awesome things about the Misfit Shine:

  • So pretty. Really, really pretty. If you want a fitness monitor that doesn’t look like a fitness monitor, this is it. I wear mine with the included rubber wristband, as a watch, but it also comes with a magnetic clasp so you can wear it on your shoe or pocket or even your shirt. If you want to get really fancy, you can buy a leather watch strap or a pretty necklace to wear it, instead. Looks-wise, no other gadget comes close to the Shine.
  • Excellent sleep monitoring. My husband can wear his Fitbit to bed to monitor his sleep if he wants to, but he has to set it up, tell it he’s going to bed, and wear it on a weird strap around his chest. With the Shine, I just… go to bed. I’ve found the tracking of light vs. deep sleep to be really interesting—sometimes I wake up feeling tired and my little graph shows that I didn’t get much deep sleep. You can also coordinate a sleep alarm with the app so that you can be woken up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle (theoretically facilitating an easier wake-up). I’ve never used this feature, but it makes sense to me.
  • Points vs. steps. The Fitbit tracks steps; the Shine uses a point system which is both (for me) less intimidating and counts things other than steps. I can always go into the app and see the comparison of activity levels, too, where walking is “kinda active” and using the elliptical is “very active” and see where my energy is spent.
  • Basic usage is easy/intuitive. I read the manual (okay; I skimmed it), but basically I put the Shine on, I downloaded the app to my phone, and off I went. For 90% of what I do in a day, the Shine automatically detects and tracks accurately. That’s perfect for me, because I often forget I’m even wearing it.
  • It goes where you go. The Shine is waterproof (I wear mine swimming) and operates off of a button cell battery, so you don’t need to charge it. I wear mine 24/7 so it’s nice that it doesn’t ever have to be charged.

Slightly less awesome things about the Misfit Shine:

  • Tap, tap, tap… is this thing on? The Shine has no readout in the conventional sense; instead, it has a circle of lights that will display the time and your activity progress when prompted. You turn on the display by tapping it twice. Except sometimes I tap it twice and nothing happens, so I figure I didn’t tap hard enough, and then I do it again, harder, and I’m that moron in the checkout line smacking my watch. So… yeah.
  • Tiny lights are pretty, except when they’re invisible. Again, while the design is very elegant, I appreciate it less when, say, I’m out walking in full sunlight and my double-tap probably yields a display, only I can’t see it because the lights are small and the sun is bright.
  • Walking? Fine. Running? Fine. Other stuff? That’s harder. The Shine allows you to tag various activities within the app (in a manner that is not terribly straightforward, but it can be done), but if you forget to do that, you may be out of luck in terms of accurate tracking. So yay, I can wear it swimming, but unless I tell it I’m swimming, it has no idea what I’m doing (and thinks I’m not even exercising). When I wore it kayaking it didn’t count it as exercise, even though I could barely move the next day.

Bottom line: I’ve been very happy with it, overall. I find the tracking and the way it awards me little milestones and trophies within the app surprisingly encouraging (one day it told me I’d completed the equivalent of a marathon since I’d started wearing it, which made me laugh). I like the way it looks and that I (mostly) don’t have to think about it. It’s a pretty nifty little gadget.

Want to win your own Shine? The generous folks at Misfit not only gave me one, they gave me another one to give away to one of you! Hooray! If you want in, please go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 9:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 6:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 to be entered. I will use my handy-dandy random number picker plug-in to select a winner on Thursday.

Ready? Go!


  1. Would love it.

  2. Just heard about these the other day. Love the design!

  3. As a Health & Fitness blogger – um, yeah, I’d love one! 🙂

  4. Me, me, me!

  5. Yes please!

  6. I was just thinking I needed to get more exercise.

    Actually, I was eating my son’s stash of M&Ms. Either way, I need this.

  7. I hate to exercise too! I almost bought the fitbit but didn’t, this might be a better option.

  8. Want Want Want!!!

  9. I’m always looking for shiny new workout gadgets, in the hopes that one of them will inspire me to actually workout.

  10. I’ve been considering one of these things for my husband. This would be great!

  11. Would be great to win this! Am definitely going to need to work hard to get back in shape after my twins are born in August!

  12. Been looking at these. I too have reached that need for exercise stage. 😉

  13. I used to wear a Fitbit, but I’m looking for a prettier alternative that I can wear all the time!

  14. My husband has one of these and he loves it. I despise exercise but really need to start, so this would be great. 🙂

  15. OOOHHH pick me, pick me!!

  16. I’ve been wanting one of these–would love to win it!

  17. I’d be happy to win this and report back as to how it responds to hooping as exercise….

  18. That’s awesome! I’ve been thinking of getting a FitBit and haven’t heard of the shine – I think if I don’t win that I will end up buying one.

  19. I am curious about these kinds of devices. Would be fun to win!

  20. Yes please. Pick me!

  21. I got my husband the fitbit and he loves it. I’m not sold enough to spend another $100 but I would love to try a tracker! Maybe this is my chance to!

  22. ooo so pretty! thanks Mir!

  23. Very cool. Fingers crossed!

  24. WANT! And you are looking particularly healthy and pretty today.

  25. I would love a fitness tracker! I recently started running after having three children. Thank you!

  26. I fear this would simply point out that I am, in fact, a slug disguised as a human, but I’d like to try it anyway.

  27. Fun! Thanks Mir!

  28. That looks super-cool!

  29. I would love one!

  30. Mir, I have been waiting for Apple to come out with a wearable, but need something like this until they do. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  31. Ooh…this would be a great addition to my “get ass back in shape” program.

  32. Yes, please! I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker–like, a LOT. And this one looks great.

  33. Sounds like just what I need!

  34. An interesting concept – and particularly nice that it’s waterproof. That would be something I’d violate in just minutes were it not. Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Was just thinking about getting something like this. This one will do!

  36. I’ve gone through two fitbits already (one fell out of its holder, one just got all weird and non-responsive), and this sounds like the PERFECT replacement!

  37. I’ve been wanting to buy a fitbit or similar device for awhile now… but can’t seem to justify the price (probably cause it’s for me and not the kids LOL). Anyway, please pick me.

  38. I’m in, thanks so much!

  39. I was just about to investigate the fitbit but now I will wait 🙂

  40. This is kind of a brilliant idea! I would love to try one out. 🙂

  41. I would love to have a tracking device help me get rid of this “over 40” ring around my stomach!

  42. This just might get me off the couch!

  43. I too have been resisting the fitness tracking gadget craze, but if you say it’s purty, and I don’t have to tell it to do much, then I’m in.

  44. Well what good sharers they are.

  45. Sounds great to me!

  46. Would love this!

  47. I’m actually pretty uninterested in fitness trackers except this post has made me way more interested, so here I am!

  48. I have been thinking of getting one of these but was on the fence since they aren’t cheap. If I won it, on the other hand…it’s like fate, right?!

  49. I have recently lost 20 lbs and this would help so much to lose the next 20. 🙂

  50. My husband also has an ugly fitbit but I’m willing to try this thing so please pick my number.

  51. Thanks for the opportunity! This sounds like a great tool for better health.

  52. I, too, am at the age where I have to move my butt. Booooo.

  53. I would really like to have one!

  54. If it could help me hate exercise less I would be so happy.

  55. Would love this!

  56. so pretty!

  57. Would love one!!

  58. Sounds like a pretty good device! I am currently using a Wii Fit U step tracker thingy and am not thrilled with it. Winning this would be great!

  59. Would love it!

  60. So much better looking than a fitbit. Would love one!

  61. Great product! Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. I SO need to get my butt in gear! This would certainly help.

  63. Perhaps winning this would give me the motivation I need to exercise!

  64. This would be great!

  65. oooh shiny!

  66. This is so pretty! I would love to try one!

  67. Ooh, pick me, pick me! I do not care much for exercise, either, but something has to be done about the fact that almost none of my shorts fit when spring came this year… :/

  68. Have been wanting something similar. Pick me random number generator!

  69. This looks awesome! Thanks for the chance at winning it!

  70. So pretty, Mir!

  71. Me me me me, please!

  72. I too have resisted the fitness tracker craze. I am definitely intruiged by this one. I would v much like to win it & try it.

    Thank you, pretty one.

  73. Yes, I am at “the age” where I need to exercise (how about start it) and something to motivate me would be cool. I bought a cheap pedometer but would like something fancy (and pretty)

  74. Ooooh! Come on random name picker thingy, pick me! 🙂

  75. I would love to win this!

  76. Since the baby is now three…maybe it’s time to drop the baby weight.

  77. Oh how I need this! 🙂

  78. oh my would I love this. I need this info to smack me in the face.

  79. Sounds AWESOME!!!

  80. I would love this, as I’ve just started trying to get back into shape after baby #4!

  81. Ooooh! I would love to try this out! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  82. I would love to have one. I was recently diagnosed with a condition that is much more easily treated if I am within my recommended BMI so I’ve been working hard. This would make it more fun I think.

  83. Me pretty please

  84. I would love this and I need the motivation!

  85. I’ve been wanting to try one of these, and any motivation is helpful!

  86. I would love to have one! I have been looking getting one recently and need to get in better shape.

  87. Yes, please!

  88. Neat

  89. Just the motivation I need!

  90. This post makes me hungry for cheesecake. I can’t figure out why, but it does.

  91. This looks like a lot of fun, I’d love to try one out.

  92. Mememe!!

  93. That actually looks wearable! Thanks!

  94. I exercise SOOOO much better when I can track exactly what I’ve done and have measurable results! This looks awesome!

  95. I’ve been thinking about getting a fitbit but I don’t really want to pay that much money for one. And I’m lazy.

  96. Pretty, and motivational. Woot! And pretty…

  97. I too hate to exercise but am also of a “certain” age… Anyhow, this sounds pretty fun!

  98. Oh wow – awesome, I’ve not jumped on the band wagon (yet) and am not super excited about some of the options and their associated costs……..but winning one might be the perfect motivation to get off my tush and exercise more regularly!

  99. Will this be a record number of responses? So many people like me!!! I feel accepted!’

  100. Oh pretty! I want!

  101. Very cool prize …and pretty!

  102. Please!! 🙂 great review Mir.

  103. This would be awesome!

  104. I have been wanting something like this for a while now. Love that this one looks so much nicer. Thanks!

  105. Yes, please.

  106. Sounds awesome!

  107. So pretty! Would adore this to help me get in shape!

  108. I’d love to try it out but as most of my fitness is high impact workouts, I wonder how well it would work for me.

  109. Love it!

  110. Sounds awesome!

  111. Pick me please! 🙂

  112. Would love to replace my ugly Fit bit with this

  113. I’d love to win it–thanks!

  114. Sounds awesome! Count me in!

  115. My husband also has a fitbit so we are in the same boat – I would love this!

  116. I could get into this (I know, the excitement about exercising, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it?) Random Number Generator, send me some guilt/reason to exercise!

  117. Sounds really cool! And like it might make the exercising slightly less bothersome in this Southern heat and humidity.

  118. This thing seems really cool! I would be really interested to see what it thinks of my sleeping habits 😉

  119. I’ve been dying to try a fitness tracker. Pick me pick me!

  120. This would be great! I’ve been trying to lose some weight and I think this would be a great help.

  121. Wow! That really is pretty.

  122. I would LOVE this!

  123. That would be awesome!

  124. This looks like just the kind of motivation I need!

  125. Cool! I’d love to win it!

  126. Looks great!

  127. I’ve been wanting to get a fitness tracker and all of my friends are suggesting the Fitbit. Like you, I think it’s just ugly. I feel like I’d look like a 5th grader wearing a slap bracelet (remember those?) so I’ve held off. This is definitely cute!

  128. Sounds Really Fun!!

  129. Yes, please!

  130. yes please

  131. ohhhhhh, pick me! (please 🙂

  132. I wore a pedometer for a while, but it was annoying. This sounds much less annoying (and prettier)!

  133. Never seen this one before, looks neat!

  134. Looking for a fitness tracker too! 😀

  135. In hopes that it would also make ME hate exercise . . . less. 🙂

  136. Yes, please!

  137. I’ve lost the weight…now I need to do the toning….I am trying to be all glass half full. Any help to stay positive is always a plus!

  138. Maybe this would inspire me to move more.

  139. Not a big exerciser either and now i must as well, having aged and become more sedentary than ever before.
    Please send me your spare 🙂

  140. I’d love to try this out!

  141. I’d love one.
    I’m not much of a fitness buff, but I need to start moving more.
    Ladybug Crossing

  142. Looking for motivation…I’d love one!

  143. I was doing well exercising almost every day and then started a part time job. Now my exercise is sporadic and I. Red something to help me get back on track.

  144. This might be what I need to get me off my butt

  145. Yes, please!!

  146. Looks fun! I’ve reisisted buying something for the money, but am curious about what I do expend

  147. Oooh! I’d love to try that.

  148. I would love this. Thanks for sharing

  149. Awesome! Yes, please. Because I run but also think the Fitbit is unattractive.

  150. I hate to exercise but surely a gadget will make it more bearable.

  151. I love gadgets 🙂

  152. I always wonder how my activity adds up, being a childcare provider. I think I’m really active, but who knows?!?!? Would love to track it!

  153. Yes, please!

  154. I would love this. I love the idea of being able to track my activity.

  155. I need this! I have an app to track my eating and it helps me. This would really help me get going!

  156. That would be awesome!

  157. I would love one!

  158. Oooooh. I may be even more excited about the sleep tracking than the fitness tracking, but the points approach makes me happy.

  159. I’ve been considering trying out a fitness tracker – so if I won – decision made! Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Sounds mildly awesome. 😉

  161. So cool!

  162. I was just looking at these the other day!

  163. Just saw one of thee the other day…would love to win one!

  164. <3

  165. That looks really neat!

  166. Cool! Crossing my fingers!

  167. Me, me, me! This has been on my wishlist for a while now!

  168. I would like to try this! 🙂

  169. I love gadgets! A gadget that will help motivate me to exercise? Sign me up!

  170. Oh, I would LOVE to win this! I’ve had my eye on the Fitbit, but they are so expensive. And this is so pretty! 🙂

  171. Would love to win!

  172. Thanks Mir – for this opportunity – throwing my name into the hat too!

  173. That was a thorough review! I’m interested to try it!

  174. Thanks for both the review and the contest!

  175. I have been wanting one of these. I am super curious about how much exercise I get at my job.

  176. Oh, this is good stuff for my lazy butt.

  177. I would LOVE to win one!

  178. I could really use something that would help motivate me! Knitting helps me get on the exercise bike, but only more than nothing. I should do more. Help me, pretty thing!

  179. I would love to try this cool gadget. I am motivated simply by the notion of a tracking device and this is way better than my dated pedometer!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  180. Ooooooooh!!!

  181. I would love one of these pretty, little Misfits. Even the name made me laugh (Island of the Misfits, anyone?) Such a prettier name than Fitbit & the cost is amazing! Can;t beat free!!!!

  182. I would love this, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to be more active and it seems like this might give me some motivation…

  183. I’ve been needing some incentive to get active again – something like this might do the trick!

  184. Been working out for four months. Time to track!

  185. huh, I’ve been hearing good things about these trackers, and maybe it will motivate me to do more!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!

  186. Could the dog wear it??? He needs to exercise too !!!
    You’re very pretty Mir. Thanks for the contest.

  187. That looks awesome! Would love to have one!

  188. Nice! Thanks.

  189. I’ve been psyched to try this!

  190. What a great giveaway!! Thank you!

  191. So pretty!

  192. Definitely pretty!

  193. Really like that it tracks more than steps.

  194. This one looks great!

  195. Oh, I’ve had this on my amazon wishlist for a few months now. I want one so bad but don’t want to shell out the money for something that’s basically a pretty toy. I would LOVE to win it!

  196. Yes please!

  197. This looks like it could help my latest attempt to exercise regularly. Thanks.

  198. Would love to win this – thanks for the chance!

  199. I hope it picks me!

  200. Sounds great!

  201. Sounds interesting, and my husband lost his Fitbit on the train, so…count me in!

  202. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing these. Anything to help get me moving so my clothes continue to fit!

  203. Thanks for the review, interesting to read the differences!

  204. I’ve been wanting to try the Fitbit, but I’ve been hesitating for all the reasons you mentioned. Would love this instead!

  205. I would love to win this!!

  206. This is the most attractive sounding fitness tracker yet! Although I am planning 20 miles of kayaking as my major activity for July, I could use something to motivate me the other 27 days.

  207. Would love to have one of these gadgets, please?

  208. Gimme gimme gimme…..please?

  209. I’d love love love to win one of these!!!

  210. I promise that if I win this, I will really try to get in the exercise spirit.

  211. Hope to get this!

  212. I love gadgets and would love to win

  213. Pick me! Sounds cool

  214. I’ve been considering a FitBit but man.. this sounds even better!

  215. Pick me! My middle aged body could use some motivation.

  216. Pick me! i’ve been thinking about getting a monitor but i have felt too broke! 😉

  217. This sounds really cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  218. As I recently started up on my fitness regimen again, I’d love to track my activity and sleep levels. This seems cool. Have always wanted a fitness monitor.

  219. If I win this it will be for my husband b/c the only exercise I like is playing outside with the kids. Thanks so much!!!

  220. I hate exercise too but would try this.

  221. I would love to have this…need something to motivate me!

  222. Thank you for the contest and review. I have not heard about this device. Sounds pretty awesome!

  223. How cool! Would love to try one.

  224. Would love to give it a try, for free. ha.

  225. Yes, please!

  226. I could use some inspiration. This could do it! Thanks!

  227. Have wanted a Fitbit for forever. Would love to give this one a try!

  228. I thought the FitBit was the only option in this category- glad to know about this pretty option!

  229. Awesome!

  230. Sound interesting, would love to try one out.

  231. I would love this!

  232. Pick me!!

  233. This looks like the fitbit’s sexy best friend!

  234. I would be thrilled to try something that in theory might make me hate exercise less.

  235. Ooh! I’ve been wanting a fitbit but this would be nice. I wonder how it does when pushing a stroller/shopping cart?mi know that’s one of the complaints about the FB wrist one is that those activities aren’t picked up.

  236. here, have a comment! 🙂

  237. My husband got one of these and I’ve been mocking him/secretly wanting one for myself… winning one would contribute to domestic tranquility in our house!

  238. This would be awesome to win!

  239. Sounds cool! Please enter me.

  240. Pretty! Would love this!

  241. Gosh I would love one of these! So pretty!

  242. I need something to jump start my exercise routine. THis might be just the thing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  243. Would love one of these!

  244. Maybe this will be want I need to move my butt too? Maybe?

    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  245. Would love one of these – thanks!

  246. Sound like just what I need, ok maybe really want.

  247. Oooh, this looks fun!

  248. Thanks for giving one away!!

  249. Would love this!

  250. Oh Mir! How pretty!! This would be awesome to win!!!

  251. Pick me!

  252. Ooh pretty

  253. Ooh, pretty! I’ve been eying these as I find the fitbit ugly as well…thanks for the review!!

  254. Would love this so I could compete with my hubby and his fitbit!!

  255. Hope your handy-dandy random number-picker plug-in thingie knows my name!

  256. I’d love to give it a try!

  257. I really despise exercise…but, I think I’m at that point where I really need to do it. Maybe this would help!

  258. I would love this!

  259. this would be great to keep track of those moments of activity that acually add up like gardening and parking far from the store your going into

  260. Wonder if it gives points for breastfeeding? (Looking forward to when I have exercise time again._)

  261. I would love to have one of these! Thanks for the chance!

  262. I need all the motivation I can get right now!

  263. Looks awesome! Thanks!

  264. It looks so pretty! Great motivation!

  265. I could use the motivation, too!

  266. This would be extremely helpful in tracking how much energy I’m using walking to the freezer for ice cream (and perhaps be the motivation I need to do a little more strenuous stuff).

  267. Pick me! Pick me!!

  268. Pick me, please!

  269. This might give me the push I need! Thank you for the opportunity!

  270. Wow, this little gadget sounds like fun!

  271. Would love to try one! Thank you.

  272. Sounds great!

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