It’s your last chance for big deals

By Mir
June 24, 2014

Alert reader Dawn helpfully pointed out that in the current Coldwater Creek bankruptcy proceeding, today is the very last day to shop them online. (Thanks, Dawn!) There are bargains galore, though the spot for a coupon code is conspicuously absent; I guess you don’t get to save extra when they’re going out of business.

For those who are worried about missing them, take heart—I suspect they will be gone for a bit while they restructure, but they’ll be back more likely than not. In the meantime, enjoy the sale!


  1. Oh, I’d assumed that our town’s Coldwater Creek was the only one closing (our town really can’t support stuff like that). Well. Good to know.

  2. hmmm, for going out of business they certainly aren’t having VERY good sales. Seems more like a kinda sale. Still expensive.

  3. The sales aren’t great and the lack of codes is because it’s now a liquidation company handling the inventory. Coldwater Creek, as we knew them, ended doing business with us online and in stores around at end of April. I talked to one of the employees around that time… So I think the info is correct.

  4. I went to the site about a month ago looking for pants. I’m pretty sure I paid more for those pants (in the absence of a coupon code) than anyone ever has at CC. I took a bunch of stuff out of my cart when I realized that those were going to be the final prices.

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