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By Mir
July 16, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have a kiddo heading off to college soon, or maybe you have a little Man Cave at home that needs its own fridge? Home Depot has you covered—today they’re offering a special discount on this 3.5 cubic foot Magic Chef Mini-Fridge in stainless steel. It’s just $98, and available both for free shipping and local store pickup (in most areas). Note that this is a bit larger than the typical dorm fridge, too, as well as being a lot more attractive.

This deal is so good, I’m tempted to get one. But my office is about 20 feet from my kitchen, so that seems excessive, even for me.


  1. My house came with an abundance of built-in refrigerators. There’s the expected fridge-freezer in the kitchen, then a bar fridge in the bar, and a second bar fridge in the downstairs game room. (I get the impression the previous owners liked to drink. No judgments!)

    The crazy thing is, I use them ALL. The kitchen fridge is full of food, the bar fridge is full of drinks, and the secondary bar fridge downstairs is my extra-storage fridge. Because I have that extra fridge, I can buy 8 cartons of almond milk when it goes on sale, so I never have to pay the nosebleed $3.59 a carton. I can buy butter 4 lbs at a time at Costco. Come Thanksgiving, I have a place to stash all my ketchup and pickles and random fridge things, so my big fridge is freed up to hold feast food, and no leftovers go to waste for lack of storage space.

    The moral of the story is that you can buy this fridge and use it to save money. The end.

  2. Thanks, Mir. Bought one!

  3. Woot! Bought one for my husbands impressive beer stash. Now I get an entire shelf of the kitchen fridge back!

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