J. Crew for those not independently wealthy

By Mir
July 21, 2014

I’ll confess that I sometimes wonder who, exactly, is buying the full-price items at J. Crew. Then I wonder what they do for a living. And sometimes—rarely, but sometimes—I wonder if they’ll adopt me. (Hey, imagine the difference in some of life’s stressors if you were the sort of person who could routinely drop $70+ on a t-shirt. I’m just saying.)

Anyway! I’d rather shop at the J. Crew Factory Store, and I’d especially rather shop there a time like now, when all the clearance is an additional 50% off with coupon code EXTRA50.

That means things like a $63 plastic “statement necklace” is now just $7. (It does not, however, help you if you cannot figure out why in the world you would want something called a statement necklace. Guilty.)

Shipping is free on $100+, otherwise it’s a flat $5.


  1. The only people I know who buy full-price J. Crew’s are DINKs 🙂

    I saw this sale yesterday and got 4 tees for my daughter, 3 scarves and a pair of earrings for me – all shipped for $70. Not bad!

  2. I frequently dream of being rich enough not to have to comparison shop . . but then I might be deprived of the joys of finding bargains on WantNot! 😉

  3. This DINK couple can’t afford even most of the clearance stuff there. Egads! (Of course, this is why I stalk WantNot, so I can find good deals and afford nicer stuff than we can truly afford — great deals are the best!) I don’t think I’ve ever looked around J. Crew before, but after doing so, I think I’ll stick to other brands/sites that I know and love instead. 😉

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