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By Mir
August 15, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, I am not going to make a single “giant ice balls” joke in this post, I swear. (Even though I really, really want to.) But apparently that’s a thing—you can make 2.5″ diameter ice balls for your cocktails or just regular drinks, and not only do they look cool, they apparently keep your drink cooler for a lot longer, and right now that set of 4 ball molds is just $6.99 at Amazon, its lowest price ever.

I’m thinking that’d be the perfect offering for a White Elephant gift exchange, or for someone who takes their cocktails very seriously. Or for anyone who giggles when they say “ice balls.”

[Update: Alert reader Katie points out that, although more expensive, if you’re serious about your ice balls, you may prefer the Death Star molds.]


  1. Stop, just make it stop!
    you have really managed to make me laugh today, not an easy feat!

  2. So glad I saw this…even a week later, the price is still 6.99. Got me a set of 4!

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