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By Mir
November 30, 2014

I don’t really understand the whole “Nerf for girls” thing—because I thought Nerf was for everyone—but I guess with the Hunger Games popularity and everything, the Rebelle line of bows from Nerf have become really popular.

Right now this Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow Blaster is down to just $13.09 at Amazon (its lowest price this year). While we’ll probably see a bunch of toy deals in the second week of December (as is typical for Amazon), if you have this item on a wish list, you might want to go ahead and grab it.


  1. That’s fun! I know something Nerf-y was on my daughter’s list, so this is a nice catch!

  2. Speaking of upcoming toy deals, have you seen or can you keep an eye out for Little Live Pets Bird Cage??? I have no idea why this toy is so hard to find but I really don’t want to pay a ton more on ebay. Luckily, my daughter doesn’t know this toy exists so it would’t be a big deal if I didn’t get one…. but she has always had a weird obsession with birds. As in the child in the neighborhood who chases (“helps”) the baby birds that can’t quite fly yet, petting them, offering them worms, etc. She would flip over this toy and maybe leave the real ones alone this spring! Thanks, Mir!

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