Huge savings on undies!

By Mir
May 25, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Originally I titled this “Huge undies savings” and then realized that was… something else. And not what I meant.)

I’m a sucker for the panties over at Aerie, mostly because it’s surprisingly hard to find casual/comfortable cotton undies in things like hipster and boy-short cuts. Their stuff fits the bill, but unless you catch ’em on sale, the price is silly. Well hey, today they’re doing their “10 Pairs for $30” promotion, plus free shipping, which means all your favorite styles drop from anywhere from $7.50 – $12.50 apiece to just $3 apiece.

Of course, you have to buy 10 in order to get the promo price, but if you buy 10, you can throw out all of your old grubby stuff. You’re welcome.


  1. Thank you, Mir! I’ve been needing to get new undies for some time now, and I just bought an embarrassingly large number of them.

  2. Aw, I just stocked up on my huge undies! 😉

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