Still not schooled on Schoola? Here you go!

By Mir
July 22, 2015

Surely by now you are sick of me singing Schoola‘s praises, but seriously, if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out.

Right now—in addition to the $15 credit you’ll get just for signing up through my link—they’re offering 50% off your entire order and free shipping with coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA. That’s crazy, given that many of their prices are already 80% off retail. I’ve ordered with them probably half a dozen times, now, and in addition to great deals and money going to schools, I’d say we’ve only had maybe 2 or 3 items that were misses out of around… oh… 30.

Why, just now I placed another order with the coupon. It’s true, sometimes I get clothes for myself, but mostly I stick to buying stuff for my rapidly-growing and adult-sized children who seem to need new clothes constantly. I spent about $38 ($37.99, if you must know) on 10 items; the kids are getting 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, and 1 jacket. That’s better than I can do at Goodwill, frankly. (Plus my son is going to look great in that skirt.) (I kid! It’s not his size!)


  1. Thank you for this! My work is promoting a more formal dress code, and I found blazers from Bebe, JCrew, Ann Taylor, and Trina Turk. I signed up for their style sheets so I received $10 additional credit and then the 50% off… It’s not pants, so hopefully the fit isn’t a problem. I figure with blazers, if the shoulders fit or have just a bit of ease, the rest of it is adjustable by leaving buttoned, unbuttoned, or moving the buttons, and they’re hard to wear out in the settings people wear them… so here’s hoping!

  2. Thanks for the code! Please make sure you let them know if anything in your order is amiss. They’ve had trouble lately with whomever has been sorting–putting kids’ large into ladies’ large bins, etc. Call or email them with any problems…they’ll make it right.

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