The Want Not Review: Jones Natural Chews

By Mir
September 18, 2015
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This post is sponsored by Jones Natural Chews (warning: site has sound), but as always, all opinions are my own.

Do you have a spoiled pup or two (or more; I don’t judge)? I’m sure I’ve mentioned a time or fifty that Casa Mir is home to as many rescued dogs as my husband will tolerate (currently: two), and furthermore that my special snowflakes of tiny canine ridiculousness both have food allergies. They’re delicate flowers, my doggies. Feed Licorice the wrong thing and she will throw up for days. Feed Duncan the wrong thing and he’ll develop an ear infection seemingly overnight. They’re high-maintenance, but I can’t help it. I love them. I mean, seriously:


“We’re adorable.”

Could you resist those faces? When they’re sitting so pretty, like that, waiting for me to open the treat bag??

Jones Natural Chews asked me if I’d be willing to try their products, and I explained my dogs’ various sensitivities, and they said no problem, we have plenty of products your pups will love. So a box arrived and two magical things happened.

First: I liked everything I read about them. These are 100% grown-and-made in the USA products, with limited ingredient lists (especially important when your dogs have food sensitivities/allergies). I knew that before I agreed to test ’em out, actually. What I didn’t know beforehand is that this is not only a family owned and operated company, but that it’s been around for sixteen decades. They must be doing something right, huh?

Second: I discovered that my dogs—my picky, lazy dogs—will do just about anything for a Rocky’s Roller (sort of the Jones version of a doggie Slim Jim). In the above photo, all I did was take out the bag. They snapped to statue-like stillness, ready to assume and hold The Position for as long as necessary to get some delicious, chewy sausage treats.

I feel like if you look really closely in this picture, you can see that Duncan is exercising a huge amount of restraint. He really wants to gulp down my entire hand to get it, but he’s trying to be polite:


“Let gooooooooo!” “Um, excuse me, where’s mine??”

A second later (Duncan is a pig, what can I say), this was all that was left:


“Stop watching me eat.”

Duncan wastes no time when it comes to delicious treats.

Licorice, on the other hand, is a lady. A lady who very much enjoys licking and sniffing at her treats just long enough to drive Duncan insane (because he is done with his and wants hers). We call this look “I seem perfectly innocent right now, but I dare you to come over here and try to take this, punk.”


“I shall love it and guard it and torment my brother with it.”

Jones does sell a huge variety of products for all different dogs, and I especially like that their marketing materials not only mention their product testers “range from three pounds to one hundred fifty pounds,” they then name the testers like they’re celebrities. I love a company with a sense of humor!

You can find Jones Natural Chews products in your local pet store, or you can order them from Amazon. If you want to both support a family-run company and give your dogs treats and chews you don’t have to worry about (no mystery ingredients, no overseas manufacture), look no further. They get two paws up from us, plus we like their blog.

[Licorice and Duncan would like to express an extra-special thank-you to the folks at Jones Natural Chews for the care package, but are wondering if maybe they could do something about the fact that their mean, mean mom will only give them one sausage each day. It’s hard out there for a pup, man.]


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