If you’re very brave…

By Mir
October 8, 2015

… I have a maybe-not-a-great-idea deal for you this morning.

(This is what happens when I emerge from a two-day migraine. I bring you a deal on weaponry. But it’s for kids! Haha!)

So, I, personally, never would’ve purchased these for my own kids… or really, for any kids I liked… unless maybe I really didn’t like their parents… but hey, to each their own. Right now at Amazon you can get a Zing Fire Tech Bow (orange) or Zing Fire Tech Bow (green) for $4.75 and $5.60, respectively. You can also grab some dart refills for just $1.96 each. Mind you, these are all Add-On items, but the price is fantastic if you’re in the market.

And honestly, if my teenagers don’t start moving a little faster in the morning, I feel like a few suction-cup darts to the rump are warranted….


  1. When your kids and their friends are in the 8-12 range, and you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for legs for birthday gifts, this is awesome. 🙂 I’m looking for more ways to push my kids outside, and this yells OUTSIDE toy. Even worth it to pay for same day shipping for one so I can get it for a birthday party tomorrow. (No trip to the store, priceless). Thank you so much!!

  2. um, Legos. We don’t give legs to kids, just Legos.

  3. I have to say that we have a few pieces of this series, and they fly GREAT. My kids way prefer them over Nerf at this point, and yes, OUTSIDE toys. Easier to spot in the grass than those little Nerf darts.

    I was super anti-weapon, but how could I support all the lightsabers but deny a foam crossbow? So we are of the ‘toy weapons only outside, this is how you use them, you never play weapons with anyone who doesn’t want to, never point at the face’ yada yada yada school.

  4. For me, the refill arrows are showing up at $8.50. 🙁

  5. I decided that the work around for expensive extra arrows was just to buy extra bows. At $5 each, the kids can have friends play with them too.

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