Calling all brace-faces

By Mir
October 12, 2015

Have you recently purchased a vacation home for your orthodontist? Having a kid in braces is a special kind of torture for the whole family. (Ahhhh, memories!) Brushing—always a battle—was a whole new sort of war once the kids had metal in their mouths. And of course the orthodontist was only too happy to suggest we buy each child their own $200 sonic toothbrush to pad his pockets further facilitate good oral health.

We all know that once you’ve bought the braces you don’t have enough money left over for that, plus who’s going to spend that kind of bank on a kid who can’t even reliably get their socks into the hamper? But here’s a great compromise: Right now Amazon has this Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush kit with 2 heads available for just $18.67, its lowest price ever.

Designed especially for tweens and teens, this brush is the perfect choice for reluctant brushers in braces. It cleans gently but thoroughly, has a high customer rating, and it won’t break the bank (or their braces). And I promise not to tell if you buy it for yourself, too—according to the questions/answers on the product page, this is identical to the adult model in function, just with a little more decoration on the handle.


  1. You always seem to know just the obscure product that I “need”. Thanks for this. Braces coming next month…

  2. $17.84 on my page! Score. Thanks Mir!!!

  3. bummer – they are gone!

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