Kinetic sand deals

By Mir
October 27, 2015

I’m pretty sure the first time I encountered kinetic sand was in one of those fancy mall stores… Brookstone, maybe… and they had a display out front and my kids and I ended up stopping and playing with it for much longer than I should probably admit. Because it’s sand but it’s also sort of like clay and it’s weird and wonderful and very, very zen to poke around in.

Of course, then I looked at the price and went on my way. Hahaha!

Today one of the Deal of the Day offerings at Amazon is 40% off Spin Master toys, which includes a variety of kinetic sand kits. (There’s a bunch of themed offerings, but if you just want the most sand for your buck, go with the 2 pound bucket for $11. That’s its lowest price ever and the most sand in any of the kits.)

It would be weird if I had a bucket of sand on my desk, right? Just theoretically.

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  1. Well, yes, a bucket of sand would be weird. But one of those little trays of sand with a rake in it and whatever else you need to play with it (scoop, molds, etc.) wouldn’t be.

    Thanks for the heads up! More Christmas presents down!

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