The Elf wants in on the birthday action

By Mir
November 3, 2015

Let me be perfectly clear on this: I find the whole “Elf on the Shelf” phenomenon super creepy. I’m so glad it didn’t exist when my kids were little—I never had to decide if trying to convince my children they were being spied on by a freaky little doll was a good idea. That said, I try not to judge those who enjoy the tradition, even though I don’t get it.

Apparently the elf is trying to expand his empire. Did you know that sometimes he dresses up as a cupcake for birthdays? Apparently so! And I have to confess that this actually softened my horror towards him a bit, because my youngest has a holiday-time birthday and I think he actually would’ve enjoyed this idea when he was little. Anyway, right now $7.99 gets you the birthday outfit and accompanying book, which could be fun if your family is devoted your Elf.

(I’ll stick with Will Ferrell, though.)


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