That’s an ugly, I mean, nice, sweater

By Mir
December 7, 2015

I’m not really sure when the whole “ugly Christmas sweater chic” thing began—perhaps it came on the coattails of mustache wax and man-buns—but for whatever reason, it’s definitely A Thing. My oldest has been begging for one. Of course, there are plenty of hilarious ones out there, but at prices I wouldn’t pay for even a “regular” sweater. So. She waits.

Until today! Today the Amazon Gold Box holds, among other things, an assortment of deeply-discounted ugly Christmas sweaters. Now I can buy ridiculous clothing items that make no sense to me for a lot less, which is key, because this way I get to make my kid happy even if I think she’s ridiculous. Win/win.


  1. If you have a Plato’s Closet in your area, I know they have plenty of ugly Christmas sweaters!

  2. You can probably find plenty of the REAL thing (not the new ones specifically made to be ugly) at the local thrift store!

  3. I may or may not still have two in my closet. And maybe a vest too.

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