Clothes and toys, toys and clothes

By Mir
December 9, 2015

I don’t know what your approach to Christmas gifts is (assuming you do Christmas gifts, or some approximation thereof), but for years we did the whole “Jesus got three gifts and so do you” thing. Then we transitioned to the somewhat pithy “something they want / something they need / something to wear / something to read” thing. I like both of those approaches for keeping the Gift Sprawl to a minimum.

Once I reach completion on holiday gift shopping, though, I find myself picking up some more great deals while I tell myself that it’s for birthdays or next Christmas. It may be a bit of an illness, but I’m okay with that.

This is all preamble to explaining why, with Target’s deals today being Buy One, Get One 50% off on toys and clothing, clearly I had to do just a little more shopping. I mean, obviously. Plus, spend $50 on kids’ clothes and you’ll get a $10 gift card.

Can I just say I’m loving their free shipping for the holidays? I keep placing orders with them of $5 or $10 and it all ships for free. Score!


  1. I was pulling into target when I read this! I sure hope it applies I’m store too!

  2. Thank you so much! My son needed winter clothes and I got some presents too!

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