Buckle up that Prime (plus a few other options)

By Mir
December 22, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This morning is probably the last online shopping you should be planning to do for get-it-in-time-for-Christmas without planning to pay a zillion dollars for overnight shipping. If you have Prime, the Amazon Gold Box is full of specials (pajamas for the whole family are slashed today, for one) and Lightning Deals and you can still get all of that stuff in time with regular shipping.

If you didn’t get what you needed yesterday at 6pm.com, well, pat yourself on the back for waiting—today they’re still offering free two-day shipping if you spend $75+ (free shipping on everything, though maybe not as fast), plus go ahead and use code LASTMINUTE for an extra 15% off everything. Bear in mind that the cutoff for that guaranteed shipping today is 1:00 pm Pacific or 4:00 pm Eastern.

You won’t have it for Christmas, but if you love Schoola—or have never tried them, and are ready to claim your free $20 to shop for gently-used clothes by signing up, finally—right now they’re offering free shipping on every order, plus coupon code HOTSTYLES will take 40% off anything pre-owned (doesn’t work on new-with-tags items). This is a great time to use up some credit and get even more because of the coupon.

Macy’s is still guaranteeing by-Christmas delivery, and don’t forget that both Target and Kohls have options to order online and pick up at the store, too.

Then again, I bet you’re all done shopping. You’re just smart, like that.


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