Beauty boxes ahoy

By Mir
January 4, 2016
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t remember when Target started doing this whole Beauty Box thing, but I dig it. You can click through my link and search on beauty box and the top two hits will be for their two current boxes—one is “Refresh” and the other is “Renew,” and each is just $7 with free shipping.

I can tell you that the Refresh box contains a package of Simple Micellar make-up removal wipes, which normally costs $7 on its own and is my new favorite make-up removal product. (Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I buy the bottle of Micellar Water and use my own cotton rounds so I can control how much I use at once.) I have stupidly sensitive skin and the Micellar Water is the only thing I’ve ever used that both got product off my face easily and didn’t make my skin angry. I’m not as familiar with the products in the Renewal box, but I suspect it’s a similarly good deal.

And here I was worried there wouldn’t be any exciting deals in the new year….


  1. Ordered! I need to try those wipes for my angry skin. Hope they help. I need to get into a derm.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Mir. Last year they sold out quickly; this year I will be getting one of each!

  3. two of each! sharing with my teenager daughters. Hope there’s some left for me!

  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to sign up for notification for when these are available? I always miss out!

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