$5 is my cap for a magazine subscription

By Mir
January 5, 2016
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Every year I ferret out a few cheap magazine subscriptions and then marvel as the magazines pile up, unread, because who am I kidding? I don’t have time to read magazines. (When I have time to read, I read books.) But! I keep doing it because I’m not very bright.

I kid. I’m probably not very bright, but I keep doing it because my daughter and I like to make vision boards every New Year’s (if you are unfamiliar, they’re basically “inspirational” collages for grown-ups), and the more magazines you have around, the better. You know that if you wait until the last minute and go out and buy them by the issue, you’ll pay too much. So grab the cheap subscriptions early, load up, and you’re ready to go at the end of December with a pile of mags. Or maybe you actually read yours, I don’t know.

Anyway! Right now you can snag up to 3 cheap Hearst magazine subscriptions from Groupon for just $5 each. Depending on the magazine, that’s up to 67% off the cover price.

I’m partial to O for boards—lovely pictures and graphics in there, generally—but there’s truly something for everyone. Get a car magazine or a food magazine or a house decorating magazine or even Cosmopolitan (perhaps the trashiest mag in existence, but hey, I don’t judge). Doesn’t matter. They’re all $5.


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